The most advanced rudder of its kind! Our Unifoil D++ Kick-up Rudder is the largest kick up rudder that we offer and it has tremendous advantages in handling and performance in bigger waves. Your Hunter 25.5 will now have a tame helm, you will look forward to sailing upwind with reduced helm effort and better pointing. The all-stainless electropolished rudder head is immensely strong and torsionally rigid, with perfect balance and feedback for the helmsman. The Unifoil kick-up rudder also features our "one-line" uphaul/downhaul system, which will raise or lower the rudder with one pull.

This rudder assembly is physically larger than the Unifoil C++ rudder and offers a blade that is 2" thick and 15.5" X 60" overall. The massive rudder head is constructed from 2" heavy stainless steel square tubing with 10 gauge cheek plates and heavy duty gas spring.

Our patented design incorporates a 316 Stainless nitrogen charged gas strut for perfect blade control in all situations. The rudder stays down, but if an obstacle is encountered the gas strut allows the rudder to come up quickly, then reset itself to the fully down position. Beaching is now a joy instead of a chore. The blade is our solid HDPE, true NACA 0012 airfoil design, offering maximum lift with minimum drag. This rudder also rotates through a full 180 degrees for launching and mooring with ease. World-class in every regard, the Unifoil D++ rudder is unrivaled in performance, durability, ease of use and value. Original rudders frequently fail at the waterline and rarely fail during good conditions. So, do a thorough inspection of your original equipment rudder regularly; if replacement is desired, we suggest getting the Unifoil rudder assembly, which will improve performance and convenience.

To ensure accurate pintle placement also fill out a Rudder Worksheet.

This kick up assembly comes with an African Mahogany and white ash, eight layered, laminated tiller for a seamless installation of your new rudder assembly. It comes ready-to-varnish with marine penetrating oil or choose to have your tiller varnished with premium UV resistant spar varnish. Or, our epoxy and varnish finish has an epoxy base coat to ensure a long and low maintenance life for your tiller.

Don't forget the tiller cover made from Pacific Blue Sunbrella, to protect your new tiller from the elements. This tiller cover has a strap that reaches around your kick up assembly in order to help reduce overall rudder movement while storing your boat.

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Hunter 25.5 High Performance Kick up (Blue Water) Rudder Assembly

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