Our high performance replacement blade specially designed for the Lindenberg 22. Crafted to easily slide into the stock cassette for your boat, with stops and rope handle mirroring the stock rudder blade.

The rudder blade is carved on our proprietary equipment from solid HDPE, for a true NACA 0012 airfoil design, offering maximum lift with minimum drag. The HDPE construction means you will not experience rot, delamination, swelling, or splitting over time. The intrinsic characteristics of HDPE provide this rudder with tremendous resistance to abrasion and has a co-efficient of friction equal to water's co-efficient of friction for a super durable, slippery rudder.

This is just a replacement blade for your existing rudder cassette.

Please take a moment to measure your cassette to ensure this blade will fit. The blade dimensions are: 13 1/2" x 2" x 60"

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Lindenberg 22 High Performance Replacement Blade

  • $989.00

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