The TillerClutchX provides extra holding power for heavier keel boats generally 27 ft. and up (the "X" is not meant for lighter day sailors). The TillerClutchX  holds your tiller in any desired position for momentary relief from steering by gripping a small control-line led aft to port and starboard. The TillerClutchX is simple and intuitive to use, giving you a small control lever within finger reach of your steering hand on the underside of your tiller handle. Its rope clutch mechanism engages a small control-line passing through it that is attached aft across your cockpit to port and starboard. A touch downward on the lever instantly engages the control-line to hold your tiller still. You can gently squeeze the lever upward to momentarily free the control-line and make course corrections. Releasing the lever allows it to return to the engaged position. A firmer upward squeeze, with an audible solid click, toggles the TillerClutchX for continual free steering.

 Two screws mount it soundly to your square or round wooden tiller, or even to an aluminum one. (If you ever remove it, the screw holes will be hidden on the underside of the tiller.) It can also be used for steadying auxiliary outboards. TillerClutchX is not intended for wheel-steered boats, and is not recommended for super light small racing boats. Your tiller clutch can be used for the following:

* tacking
* preventing rudder knock at the dock or at anchor
* while reefing or changing or dousing sail
* motoring
* changing hands at the helm
* heaving to
* launching and landing
* when you don't have time to engage and adjust your tiller pilot
* dinghy racing
* just taking a break - especially when sailing close-hauled
* It should be used with caution in rough conditions -hand steering should take priority.

The TillerClutchX should not be confused with any type of active tiller pilot. The TillerClutchX is a mechanical device intended to hold the tiller in any desired position for momentary relief from steering. Some boats can remain on course (usually close-hauled) with the tiller fixed for an extended time, others for only a short period. It is the sailor's responsibility to decide when steering corrections are needed. Care must always be taken when leaving the tiller unattended while underway. The TillerClutchX nicely complements an electronic tiller controller. Tiller pilots typically can't react to boat wakes, wind shifts, channel bends, etc. Your TillerClutchX will stand by without adding any drag for the mechanism to overcome. When a quick course change is needed, just disengage your tiller pilot, click your TillerClutchX on and trim to your new course. Then you'll have time to readjust your tiller pilot if desired.

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TillerClutch X TM ( for large keel boats)

  • $105.00

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