• Mast Crutch - Extendable for M17
Our extendable mast crutch is a great compliment to your Montgomery 17 kick up rudder assembly. The high quality, heavy duty construction allows for easy use while trailering without having to remove your rudder. The head of the mast crutch is made out of HDPE, high-density polyethylene, with a roller that smoothly rolls and guides your mast into place. The extendable mast crutch version raises the mast about 30"+ inches from the down position to the mast-raising position. The stainless steel, square tube with a round inner rod is built to fit your kick up rudder assembly and attaches through the rudder head. In order to install the mast crutch on an existing Unifoil rudder, a 3/8" hole will need to be drilled athwart-ships through the bottom of the rudder post for the lower bracket. The upper bracket uses the aft pivot tiller bolt, so the install is easy for the upper one. We will need the measurement from the top of the upper gudgeon, to the bottom of your mast in the resting position. The mast crutch is an easy add-on during the rudder building process. If you are interested in adapting your current rudder head with a mast crutch, please call us to work out specific details, or make your notes in the notes field at check out.

As you can see our mast crutch can adapt to many different boats as well. Call for details.

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Mast Crutch - Extendable for M17

  • $269.00

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