• Macgregor 26S HDPE High Performance Replacement Rudder

Our Macgregor 26S rudder is one of our best-selling high-performance rudder blades.

This blade was designed exclusively for the M26 classic swing centerboard sailboat built between 1989 and 1995. Our solid HDPE M26S rudder features a 1.5" leading edge extension over the stock location, reducing weather helm and yielding a much lighter tiller when under sail, especially when close hauled. The NACA 0012 airfoil section and the 11.875" chord length provides tremendous lift with reduced drag, making this rudder faster on all points of sail. The additional lift helps the boat to weather, while the reduced drag makes your Mac faster off the wind. These blades come to you with the pivot hole, shear pin, 

Installation requires no modification to your boat. Just bolt it on and go sailing, faster!

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Macgregor 26S HDPE High Performance Replacement Rudder

  • $799.00

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