• Macgregor 25 HDPE High Performance Rudder
This is the rudder that Mac 25 owners have been waiting for. High performance NACA 12 airfoil, solid HDPE construction. This rudder offers a 1.5" leading edge extension over the stock rudder. Quickly installed, the rudder immediately helps to reduce weather helm and helm effort. The high lift, low drag airfoil section gives positive control on and off the wind and by using less rudder angle, your boat will be faster on all points of sail. This rudder blade is designed specifically for Mac 25 boats built during or after 1982, and using the all aluminum rudder-head. Requires no modification to your boat, just install it and go sailing.  The blade comes to you with no holes drilled, allowing you to install the blade for a custom fit to your rudder castle. 

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Macgregor 25 HDPE High Performance Rudder

  • $799.00

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