World-class laminated tiller for your sailboat. Our tillers are built in-house from top quality wood selected for its strength and beauty. Eight strips of laminated African mahogany and white ash are glued in our proprietary molds to produce tillers for specific boat models. The butt end dimensions are 2"H X 1 1/2"W. The most common tiller styles are listed in the image above. Below are the over all tiller lengths to accommodate the type of tiller you would prefer in your cockpit.

Style A - 43 1/2" overall length 
Style B - 47" overall length 
Style C - 44" overall length 
Style D - 36" overall length 1 3/4"Hx1 1/2"W 
Style E - 47" overall length 
Style F - 47" overall length 
Style G - 44 1/2" overall length 

If your sailboat requires different butt end dimensions or overall length and have not found what you are looking for in a specific boat category, please contact us for an accurate quote, toll free 866-400-2204 or fill out a Tiller Worksheet.

Your cockpit centerpiece comes ready-to-varnish with marine penetrating oil. You can have your new tiller varnished by selecting the option to have premium UV resistant, spar varnish applied. Or, our epoxy and varnish finish has an epoxy base coat to ensure a long and low maintenance life for your tiller. Since you spend so much time with the tiller in your hand, why not get the best? A three year warranty is extended to the original owner of this new tiller.  

Don't forget the tiller cover made from Pacific Blue Sunbrella, to protect your new tiller from the elements.  

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Stock Tiller - Mahogany and Ash

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