• Catalina 380 High Performance Fiberglass Rudder
High performance composite replacement rudder for the Catalina 380. All stainless steel post and web construction encapsulated in an ideal NACA airfoil for increased lift and reduced drag. Helps your Catalina 380 to point higher through better lift. High performance foil shape helps turn puffs into acceleration instead of increased heel. Off-wind speed is enhanced through reduced drag. Perfect balance improves helm effort while still transmitting great rudder feel. This is the ideal solution to Catalina 380 rudders that are de-laminating or cracked, and which stall too early. This rudder ships with a barrier coat primer applied, ready for your bottom paint. Get the best your Catalina 380 has to offer!

To ensure a good fit, please provide us with exposed post length and hull #.

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Catalina 380 High Performance Fiberglass Rudder

  • $4,125.00

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