Our new fiberglass Capri 22 High Performance rudder fixed (non-kick up) blade. This more balanced rudder blade offers a dramatic performance improvement over the original blade and is not class-legal for one-design racing. Check with your local racing fleets for phrf rating changes. (Rudder Crafts race team uses this foil, we were not penalized under phrf in our local fleet, your results may be different) This blade features much lighter tiller effort, crisper tacking and improved pointing as a result of the true NACA 0012 airfoil section. You will experience better slow speed maneuverability while docking as well. This rudder allows you to hold the course through puffs and gusts that force the boat to round up while using the old rudder. No modifications to your existing set up on your boat are necessary, it is a drop in replacement for your original fiberglass blade. Join hundreds of other Capri 22 sailors by upgrading your rudder. Make your Capri 22 faster, more enjoyable and comfortable to sail.

To ensure accurate pintle placement and size, also fill out a Rudder Worksheet.

Equip your new rudder with a new mahogany and white ash, laminated tiller. By ordering your tiller with your rudder, you will receive tiller brackets ($49), bolts ($3.75), and labor ($18) for free, which is a $70 value. This eight layered, laminated tiller comes ready-to-varnish with marine penetrating oil or choose to have your tiller varnished with premium UV resistant spar varnish. Or, our epoxy and varnish finish has an epoxy base coat to ensure a long and low maintenance life for your tiller. You can view the different tiller styles by viewing our Tiller Worksheet.

Don't forget the tiller cover made from Pacific Blue Sunbrella, to protect your new tiller from the elements.

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Capri 22 Fiberglass High Performance Fixed Rudder Blade

  • $850.00

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